Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year, New Goals

Welp, I had good intentions when I started this thing almost a year ago, intentions to post every few days even.  Unfortunately, life laughed those intentions in the face and took over instead.  I raced, I got married, I finished 2 more semesters of my PhD, and I started to put our new house together to make it feel a little bit more like a home.  The holidays came and went, and included lots of traveling and a family trip to WDW where my husband visited for the first time and lived to tell the tale.  He even drank the Disney kool-aid, which makes planning my race-cations even better because he is beginning to understand the appeal of running in my happy place!

My dear husband getting his first glimpse of the castle and celebrating with our bride and groom ears after a long day in the park!

After walking around Disney for 5 days (and fighting off the fatigue that comes with a Disney "vacation"), I really have had no desire to go out and run at all.  Ok, it's not just the vacation, I've had no desire to run in months.  Despite knowing that GSC was coming again, I haven't been able to find the motivation.  New year though, new goals, and getting and staying fit is one of them, especially as I think about long term- potentially starting a family- goals and wanting to have a strong, fit pregnancy.  I figure that should start with fitness goals now too, right? So this morning, I jumped back on the running train.  Got a strong 3.1 in on the dread mill as I ease myself back into running and put together a training plan to get me through the miles before GSC.  I also got my sweet hubby to hang this beauty, which is a constant and simple reminder to get off my large booty and put my running shoes on.

What is everyone else doing to get motivated to run next month? Next on my agenda is figuring out those pesky costumes for my BRF and myself!